Cartoon style video for Real Estate

Els Van de Veire Animation, Cartoon

cartoon style video

Cartoon style video is quite a popular genre. Hardly surprising, knowing that it has been around throughout film and TV history. We grow up with them and cartoon style video is also a perfect genre for TV ads. But what are its main qualities in the context of business communication? Cartoon style video means phantasy Animations allow you to add flavour to your brand. Rather than just showing things as they are. And it’s easy to link your brand to a context that would require a big production workflow if you were to do it in “real footage”. So whenever … Read More

Cartoon Style Animation Video

Els Van de Veire Animation, Cartoon

Why everybody loves this video? We all hear stories every day. From the moment we wake up, until we go to sleep. Some stories stay with us, because they touch our hearts. Other stories never make it to our brain because we don’t connect. This video really hooks us because we all have some experience with people around us getting older. The story touches our hearts because we relate to the cartoon character used in this video. Why this is an amazing business video With the cartoon style story-line we engage with the audience. The advanced graphics we use towards … Read More