Why Having A Video Strategy is Key

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In the old days of MultiMediaMakers (2005) the big debate was: “Do We Need A WebVideo?”. In those days, producing web video content in 5 continents with our then very young new business, I often felt I was a salesperson for YouTube, spreading the word about how this amazing new technology would put web video in everyone’s pocket, also when doing business.

A decade later and we’ll all agree on the fact that we need video. Not just to watch a good movie at the end of the day, but mainly to get our messages across and to create exposure. And whether we represent an Oil&Gas multinational, a Government Department or our own Personal Brand…Video does this really well because it taps into all those layers. From the spoken word (17%), through to tone and visual information (83%).

This is why – in this day and age – it pays to have a really clear Video Strategy, more than a couple of good videos on your website:

1. Regular videos means regular connection

Just like the news anchors are appearing every night at the same time, you become the trusted face and authority in your field when you appear in regular videos.
Regularity is key, so having a plan helps to not simply forget about your good intentions to use more video this year.

2. You are a broadcaster

Over time, your regular updates and videos are experienced just like a good old linear broadcast. But then there’s nothing old about them because you are sending
them to exactly the right people at the right time, and the videos are 100% relevant.
So planning ahead means you think about topics that will sit well in your broadcasting schedule. Then you plan for the right time to capture the content and you also
plan the right timeframe to launch these videos.

3. Scripting takes the hassle out of video

Lots of clients take a deep breath when they think about their previous video experiences with other providers. I often discover that scripting is the most neglected
production phase with many producers, simply because they sell filming and editing as a commodity. When you script your video – or work with one of our experienced
broadcast journalists – you will know that every millisecond of filming time is used wisely. To create a great result.

If you are in that phase where “doing video” makes it to the top of your priority list, please get in touch so we can create your Video Strategy and make it work for you.

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Radio and TV-Director, Master in Audiovisual Arts, Communications Consultant, Journalist and Video Strategist, Kris loves to combine broadcast and online publishing to connect people, brands and organisations.
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