Why a great director/interviewer makes the difference

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If you are someone who is familiar with watching corporate videos or basically any video produced to promote or advertise a product, person or business – a building block which is always used is, of course, interview snippets.

Why do we use interview snippets?

Interview snippets build rapport and trust with your viewers. And we all know that the more rapport and trust you build with your viewers, the more likely they are to turn into potential clients or prospects.
Now, keeping in mind how much impact having a video has for you or your business, do you understand why it is so important that the people (talents) talking in your videos come across well on screen?

This is where we come in as experienced Video Directors.

At MultiMediaMakers, this one of our key points of difference. We don’t just settle for the first good take. We settle for the best take. We make the effort to make sure each person we interview gives us that authentic energy we’re after. Sound easy? There’s more to it than multiple takes.

Being put in front of a camera can be intimidating and is daunting for many. We don’t work with professional actors, we work with real people; teachers, doctors, lawyers, accountants, you name it. Very often, we interview CEOs of companies, many who have never had media training, let alone stepped in front of a camera. Now, how do you get these people to perform well on camera?

It takes the skill of the director/interviewer to make the talent feel at ease and talk naturally in front of a camera.

It isn’t always easy, depending on the kind of person you are dealing with. It’s often a coaching experience. Video is very emotionally driven, so having someone talking woodenly into a camera, is going affect the quality of the video straight away. As viewers, we can’t connect with a robot, we want to hear someone who is driven and passionate about their topic. Good personal connection on camera may sound obvious, but a lot of videos miss it.

Many video production companies don’t do anything more than set up the camera and hit the record button, and let the talent do their thing. This isn’t helpful for the talent and it’s certainly not improving the quality or impact of the video. This is where we like to make the distinction between camera operating and real video producing. A Director/Interviewer is also a Producer and they will focus on making things happen in front of the camera, rather than just operate the camera.

What you’ll get out of working with MultiMediaMakers, is a fun and encouraging filming experience where we will guide and direct the talent’s performance on camera to make the best video possible.
You’ll feel the difference when you work with us and you’ll feel the impact it has in your video.

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