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video production service Perth

What to look for when you’re comparing video production agencies, or services, in Perth?

When you are planning to have a video produced, it may feel like you have been asked to build a house. The similarities are there, because there’s variety in size, scope, quality, location, style and taste. So where do you start when you have been asked to identify a video producer, a videography service or an agency? The same applies by the way if you haven’t been asked to do so (by you boss) because you own your own business.

Step 1: Be really clear about what is at stake

There is a big difference between “just videoing” an event, or using video as a tool for a specific purpose. Video can just capture reality and then be used to…well to play back reality. And video can be used to use the scarce attention span of your very important target audience…engage with them…educate them…motivate them…and hook them until the call-to-action guides them to that very important next step. The next step, or the outcome, or what is at stake when you spend money on video, could be anything. They buy, they change their behaviour, they get in touch, they trust you more than your competitor, they go about their job in a different way. Videos can change and influence people’s choices and decisions. And quite often this is why the idea of “doing video” came up in the first place.

Step 2: Make sure to compare apples with apples

I often get the standard phone call, for a “quick quote” on “just a bit of video”. These conversations hardly ever make it to the meeting stage and never end in any result for customers. The other conversations are often still about video, and organically get to that stage where we quote for the work. And they result in a 99.99% satisfaction rate (just didn’t want to make it sound completely arrogant by putting 100%) and results for our customers. So when you compare what’s out there in the market, and the quality of the service provider you’re about to work with, make sure you compare quality, results and impact, not only price.

Step 3: Wear your co-producer hat with pride

Finding a video producer by doing a search for “video production Perth” is not the end of the game. It’s the starting point. You work in your organisation and you’ll be the co-producer. You’re the person who knows more about your organisation, and you can plan an amazing role to bring this video production to the highest quality level, and also to make it cost-effective. Being a good co-producer simply means you’re fully present in the process of working with a videographer, a producer, an editor or a production company as a whole.

If all of the above is still a bit daunting; we love to talk about our work. And we serve good coffee. So please get in touch, and let’s discuss your video production in more detail.

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