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Time-lapse videos are a great tool to show action and progress…without losing time. The simple use of fast-forward footage with a good story seems to create a simple but very powerful emotion when we watch it.
Probably because we can now show the process of a complicated activity, like building Elisabeth Quay in Perth, in just a few seconds.

There’s something magical about time-lapse video productions. They show us what man can do, in a way we can never see it with the naked eye. Or they show us the miracles of nature when we can see a plant evolving from a seed to a small tree.

How time-lapse videos can help your business

Sometimes you need to demonstrate a process and you can’t have your prospects on site to see it. Simply because the construction of a building may take months. To demonstrate your capabilities in the construction industry, time-lapse videos are an amazing tool.

Perth based Building Company MCM Global for example built a house in only 5 days and asked us to use the format of time-lapse videos to demonstrate their process. See the magic at work in this short clip.

Inspired by this example? Get in touch and let’s have a chat about your own time-lapse production.

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