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Imagine you could capture testimonial interviews on-the-fly on your iPhone? With a few techniques you can build your own video workflow, gathering relevant content and publishing it to your YouTube channel and website.

Select the right content

If you have been watching a lot of TV news and magazines you’ll know that content is all about short snippets. A 12 second statement on the news, a 20 second interview snippet in a documentary. Become aware of these building blocks and then decide which statements you could use to talk about your service or product.

iPhone Filming
The iPhone has a High Definition camcorder built in and it’s a good idea to play around with it. With a tripod adapter and an external lepel mic you’re carrying an HD camera with you 24/7. Remote projects up North? Quick session with a happy customer after you delivered a great service? From now on you can capture it all and use it for your marketing.

Film. Edit. Share.
The basics of video editing can be learned in an afternoon. Whether you use iMovie on an iPhone, iPad or Mac, or the more advanced features of Final Cut Pro X (available on the App Store ), you can learn to make basic interview based videos in no time. Fill your YouTube channel with short, well labeled content, and your Video SEO has started working for you. Embed the short clips on your website and your overall Google ranking will go through the roof.

All of the above is included in an 8hr DIY video workshop available in Perth (and in the Eastern States upon request). For more information please get in touch.

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