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After a lip dub video? Yes, we know. It’s quite a specific thing to Google for in Perth. And yet, here you are. Lip Dub videos are great to spice up your event, to show your team in action in an unconventional way. And here at St Catherine’s College the lip dub was part of a contest to prove how well they could organise themselves as a group, working together on the massive choreography.

So what’s involved? First of all: you. Yes, really sorry, but we don’t supply the dancers, costumes and masks. So if you have someone ready who can actually lip dub, and perform, then we can talk. It really doesn’t have to be as complex as this one, and if you feel like lip dubbing the latest Katy Perry song and hiring us for that, we will at least have a proper conversation.

Where this format is more effective is, when the lip dub actually becomes a creative artwork in itself. Did you notice there is not a single cut in this video. No editing was involved. None. So all the hard work consisted of performing to a well timed script in front of a camera that was going right through a building. Our Producer Kyra did an amazing job at 1. surviving and 2. capturing the essence of all that action while being on the move (including a flight of stairs) and avoiding interruptions.

Your lip dub – as said – could be a little less complicated. We’re very proud of this video, because it shows that even without editing video can be so powerful. It also shows that if video is seen as a co-production between you and us, we can come up with amazing results.

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