Pitch presentations & success stories: Well done Team Optika!

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Pitch presentations often include video. And when they are well made, they have a massive impact on the pitching process. When we worked with Optika on the Akumen project the mission was to explain a complex concept in a few minutes. It’s awesome to hear that Akumen has now =won the National award for the BIG DATA INNOVATION OF THE YEAR Award at the iAwards in Melbourne.
Akumen was also named the 2016 Innovation of the Year, an award given to the best overall entry across all categories.


Why pitch presentations need video

Whenever you present a concept, or an entire brand, to an audience, you want every second to count. Great presenters know how to deliver a story with impact, and the personal component makes a huge difference when you’re on stage presenting to a room. But how do you summarise it all? How do you tap in to the power of multimedia to really narrow it down to…an elevator pitch?
Over the years we worked on pitch presentations for investment rounds, award ceremonies and networking events. The impact and ROI of a simple 1 to 2 minute video are massive.

How we make your pitch presentations work

The MultiMediaMakers approach to pitch presentations is based on story-telling. It means we ask dozens of questions (if not hundreds) until we completely understand your story. That’s where we use our journalism skills, to dissect a story and strip it down to its bare essence. That’s pivotal to then choose, design and create the building blocks for a strong video presentation.
The next step is our Creative Process, done with our core in-house team and applying the highest standards for graphic design, story-boarding and animation. And the final layer is the audio layer, adding voice overs and music to increase the impact and the flow of your video.

A pitch video takes your story to the next level

Our client Akumen for example is now taking the success story to the Apicta Awards event, in Taipei (China) early December. So congratulations to Matt, Steve, Nicole and Team Optika for their excellent product, business development work and…for their great video made with MultiMediaMakers.

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