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Have you asked yourself why businesses with a high impact video do better business? A Corporate Video or a Corporate Showreel is your digital business card. It makes the best use of 2 minutes of your prospects time. And in these busy times…getting someone’s attention is the big mission, whatever industry you’re in. So it’s worth taking a look at the essence of film and video. What visual language does is using every second of attention your prospect is willing to offer you.

Why video does a better job than written copy

Video simply addresses different parts of our brain than written copy. If we were to tell you the story of Trans Global we would need some time. This corporate video production does the job really well and takes you to 5 of their international hubs to summarise the benefits of working with Trans Global.

This is why the MultiMediaMakers corporate videos create results.

We are a team of 4 in-house core producers. Together, we have spent decades in broadcast journalism and television, and over 10 years in online corporate video. Videos made by real talent, qualified producers, simply lead to different results than videos created by random technicians. When you browse our portfolio you’ll notice a few things:
– we script videos so they really tell a story
– we support spokespeople so they come across as authentic and relaxed
– we use the full spectrum of broadcast storytelling, including quality motion graphics to package every video we make.
The secrets of great corporate showreels? They are made with technical skills and talent, and more importantly, with passion, ownership and enthusiasm.

Please use the webform to get in touch and plan a chat about your Corporate Showreels.

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