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With MultiMediaMakers Perth you are working with an award winning video agency, and your video meets global production standards. We already felt very proud of our recent corporate videos, animations and infographics, when early this month we received an Award that made us realise we have an awesome team of creative professionals here in Perth.

Early August we were honoured to be ranked #4 in the list of Best Corporate Video Production firms, a global list, compiled by San Francisco based 10Best It came as a surprise, because, as Perthites do, we had been working hard without making a lot of noise outside Australia, in the last couple of years. This confirms that our product meets the highest global standards of contemporary video production for business.

This is how phrase it:

“MultiMediaMakers is an Australian-based video production firm that creates videos that tells the stories their clients want told. Since their founding, they’ve worked with many groups including universities, corporations, and charities, to craft one-of-a-kind videos with their unique stories. Their team has many specialties that allow them to work with their clients from pre-production to the final result. They offer live-action and animation-style videos that can be used to cover many different topics such as training, explanations, products, testimonials, and more.”

The panel uses an in-depth Systematic Review. The judges in the panel know the subtleties of production analysis, and have created a system to use their years of knowledge and trained pallets. The team consists of advertisers, web content creators and market researchers. Their team is made up of people whose experience with the video production industry spans generations. To be recognised and to be ranked high on that list means that we have gathered the right expertise over the years. With over 52 years of media experience under one roof, and with over 10 years in online video production, MultiMediaMakers brings amazing expertise to the table to produce your corporate videos.

So why are we not in Sydney or Melbourne?

When we chose a new head office for MultiMediaMakers, coming from Brussels, we chose Perth over Sydney and Melbourne simply because we felt that Perth was ready for a new way of looking at video strategies. The over 800 customers we have been serving nationally and internationally since opening our office in Perth, have shown that this was a great choice. It’s tempting to look at Australia’s East Coast for solutions, but from our great funky office in the West we have been able to serve many customers with a local demand in Perth, or with a national video strategy.

Award Winning Video Agency and Yet…Not Addicted to Awards

When the news came in we realised we had been working extremely hard over the last 10 years, to use our own decade of experience, and the previous one in Television Production and News, to make great videos. We realised that although video is often a very local product, it’s also becoming a more international product. Requests from overseas are proving that our team’s unique approach to Infographics, Advanced Video Design and Corporate Video is creating results.

Funnily enough we’re not one of those agencies who would do anything to be called an award winning video agency. We just live and breathe our values: love and enthusiasm for what we do, working on clear communication between people in business, with fair production arrangements. To then hear about such a great award has made us all very happy.

To be an award winning video agency confirmed that we have made the right decision to become the only Australian supplier of a new, “hybrid” type of online and corporate videos. A format where we no longer focus on filming and editing only, but where we make all the layers of visual language work together, including advanced Video Design and Motion Graphics.

What that means for you, if your organisation is based in Australia, is a double advantage. You know you’ll get the benefits of working with an award winning video agency who know your industry, your market and your business culture. And you’ll know you’ll get quality that stands out on the global stage, in the video production industry.

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