How to produce authentic video content?

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authentic video content

Authentic video content has become the number one objective for anyone implementing a content marketing strategy. Once you have decided to get serious about your video marketing strategy, zillions of new questions arise. Where to start? How to convince your boss you need a budget? How – in case you ARE the boss – find a budget? The key question we can help you with is: How do we make sure you produce authentic video content. So you’re not wasting resources on “noise” or low cost and cheap looking video. Even in the context of Perth mining companies, we managed … Read More

Aerial Footage Production Perth

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aerial footage production perth

Aerial footage production can increase the impact of your corporate video simply because it adds perspective. The bird’s eye view we get from a drone or a helicopter often adds drama and value. Don’t overestimate aerial footage production Quite often aerial imagery is seen as a nice-to-have extra. Because you can. Having produced hundreds of videos with and without aerial vision, I’d say it only deserves to be your priority in a few particular situations. When your content specifically talks about the overview, the view from the air. When your content is linked to geography, the bigger picture and situating … Read More

Start Producing your own Business Video Content

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Imagine you could capture testimonial interviews on-the-fly on your iPhone? With a few techniques you can build your own video workflow, gathering relevant content and publishing it to your YouTube channel and website. Select the right content If you have been watching a lot of TV news and magazines you’ll know that content is all about short snippets. A 12 second statement on the news, a 20 second interview snippet in a documentary. Become aware of these building blocks and then decide which statements you could use to talk about your service or product. iPhone Filming The iPhone has a … Read More

5 Things to Know When Using Video for Business

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1. Video is not a bulk volume product Good videos do more than capturing reality and playing it back. Good content is created when a good story uses visual grammar and is executed well from a technical point of view, and also has a good flow. Good energy often comes from the way people are supported to deliver their message on camera. Video is more than pressing the record button, it’s a rich combination of choices, decisions and techniques. 2. Dozens of skills add up to become the end product Choosing a key message is a combination of journalism and … Read More

Video for HR

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Video for HR

“Video for HR” might sound to you like “Sunscreen for use in wine cellars” ; rather irrelevant. In recent years though, video strategies for training purposes, training, inductions and recruitment processes have become more and more relevant. The basic application of video for HR The most basic use of video in the Human Resources industry would be a profile video on LinkedIn. We all know that our profile picture on LinkedIn will influence the quality of our connections and conversations. Imagine we could start using the full power of video on our LinkedIn profile, to offer potential future employers, business … Read More

Education Marketing

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education marketing perth

Education Marketing is very different to other types of marketing, because of the strong emotional attachment we have when it’s about our kids. As a parent you don’t pick a school for your son or daughter with the same level of consideration you would apply to purchasing a new vacuum cleaner. With that in mind, Marketing Directors in private or public schools know that you need a special approach for your education Marketing Campaigns. Why we chose to specialise in video for Education Marketing At MultiMediaMakers Perth, we build on over 20 years in broadcast journalism. And that makes us … Read More

Kickstarter Video Production

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kickstarter video production Perth

A Kickstarter video production is a very particular genre and it is one of the most ROI oriented video formats we produce. The outcome you’re after is support on a platform like Kickstarter, and our goal is to support your pitch with a video that makes a difference. Typical ingredients of a Kickstarter video production The keys values when it comes to making a video for Kickstarter are: – Passion and Enthusiasm: we help your spokespeople perform and deliver with their greatest level of intention so the energy shines through the video – Clarity: our journalists help you create clear … Read More

School Marketing Strategy

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How Video becomes a pillar for your School Marketing Strategy Video is an amazing tool for a School Marketing Strategy. When it’s about showing the premises to a rural audience, involved in chosing a College for their children, a short documentary can help making the right choices. This video shows a day in the life of a boarder at Penrhos College, and was watched and appreciated by almost 2000 families in no time. MultiMediaMakers combines the skills of our senior journalist producers, with highly cost-effective visual story-telling, filming and editing. And we package your video as if it were to … Read More

School Marketing in the YouTube Age

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School Marketing

School Marketing is becoming a more and more competitive niche. With the pressure on Perth based private schools increasing after the decline of the mining boom. And also because online media keeps expanding. So where do you start, when you want to make your school’s marketing plan effective and competitive? School Marketing in the YouTube age evolves around using the most powerful online format: video. There are a number of ways to react to this evolution. Sticking our head in the sand is definitely not the most productive one. Asking the school’s IT-Manager to buy a video camera isn’t either. … Read More