Induction Video: Where to start?

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Induction Video Production Perth

An induction video is a great tool for your HR department. It saves time and money and creates connection between your new team members and the organisation. When you welcome new team members, you want them to get up to speed as soon as possible. And as an HR Manager you will know that it’s not just about procedures and policies. There’s also your company culture, the team spirit and the heart and soul of your business. Induction Video reinvented At MultiMediaMakers we make Corporate Videos less Corporate…And that also applies to Induction Video content. We carefully balance information with … Read More

Perth Corporate Video Production Nurtures Excellence

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There are many things that can be said about the Perth corporate video production industry. But the part where we love to the mentioned is the bit about excellence. Over the last 12 months, MultiMediaMakers have raised the bar for corporate video production in Perth by going for more impact. So what gives you that extra bit of impact? Think Visuals. Videos that tell a visual story will hook your audience much better than videos full of long winded speeches and monologues. So for Catalano we visualised the process of data gathering, used to monitor alertness with drivers in Western Australia. … Read More

Video email: don’t embed video in your email

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Sending and receiving video email seems like a simple and a pretty good idea, right? You may be tempted to think that embedding a video in an email is the next great idea. This is why, from a marketing perspective, we believe it’s not. Views? Or shares? When you go through great lengths to produce a video that tells your important story, you probably hope for a large audience. In your mind’s eye, the whole universe watches and shares your video and overnight, thousands of people get inspired by your video. In the back of your mind you also wonder … Read More

Marketing Videos That Don’t Look Like Marketing Videos

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Marketing For Schools Perth College

Is your team clear on what your marketing videos should look like? And are you clear on the difference between a TV commercial, a YouTube pre-roll ad, a promo video and an awareness video? At MultiMediaMakers we love to educate our clients on the correct use of video genres for the right purpose. Why Marketing Videos Are Often Boring The main reason why marketing videos are boring is the “me” component. When your video is all about you, and not about your target audience, they disconnect. Let’s say your organisation is a College. It would be tempting to copy/paste your … Read More

Marketing Video Production 2.0

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What makes a good marketing video production? We can’t give you a one-size-fits-all answer and video producers who pretend they can might be taking a little risk. The answer is different for every business. A good marketing video production brings out something unique, and therefore can’t be cloned, templates or copied. All Right. Show Me The Goods. This marketing video is one of our favourites because…it’s them. When we watch this video, it really shows our customer just the way we got to know them. Giving you and your brand that unique voice, using the full spectrum of video to … Read More

5 Simple Tips for DIY Smartphone Filming

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With these 5 Simple Tips for DIY Smartphone Filming you’ll learn to shoot like a semi-pro. 1. Hold the camera horizontally Fair enough, you hold your mobile in portrait mode to text, share, read or email. Please remember that our desktop computers and TVs are 16:9 and are in landscape mode. So…always hold your device horizontally like a pro. 2. Use both hands to hold your smartphone Shaky footage distracts the attention from the topic. And even though most devices have a stabiliser, we recommend you use both hands. It will make the footage slightly more stable. To get perfectly … Read More

Perth Corporate Video Makers Awarded Nr 4 in the World

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Perth corporate video

Wow, last week we had the pleasure to celebrate our fifth anniversary as a business in Australia. It was a perfect moment to reflect on our achievements, together with customers and friends. We awarded five customers and friends for the important part they had played in our launch story. Some of them weren’t even aware of that key role. Like our friend Jamie, to recommended us to join a group of likeminded e-entrepreneurs in Perth. These simple words of advice helped us take the right action to create a video production company in Perth. And today again we have been … Read More

How To Create Success On YouTube

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Success On YouTube

So how can you create success on YouTube? If you follow the biggest YouTubers around, you’ll know that YouTube stars Jenna Marbles and Smosh duo Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla will be the first Youtube celebrities to get their own wax figures in the famous wax museum chain Madame Tussauds. One might say that is the ultimate claim to fame! Create Success On YouTube If somebody told me 10 years ago, when YouTube was founded, that you would be able to make a career out of success on YouTube, I would’ve thought “yeah, right!”. Now, it’s a real thing, where … Read More

Making Corporate Videos Less Corporate. Excuse me?

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Corporate Video Production Perth

  While we were having champas over our new tag line you may have frowned for a split second. For once we won’t explain it with a video. What’s wrong with corporate videos? Haha! We would be in the wrong place to criticise corporate videos, wouldn’t we? Over the last 5 years we have enjoyed adding a new flavour to the world of showreels and old school corporate movies. Simply by throwing in our TV and news background, and by adding some new touches to the idea of a business video. So there’s nothing wrong with a corporate video. It’s … Read More

Survey proves why you should jump on the video content bandwagon

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So you’re at that point where you are starting to delve into the world of video for the first time and you’re wondering, should I start using video to market my business? The easy answer is YES! Video content marketing Video content marketing has now truly gained momentum. The average consumer will see or hear 3000 marketing messages a day and we all know, it’s impossible for any person to pay attention to all of them at once. Video is one of the mediums most people will willingly give their attention to. So, what is exactly is video going to … Read More