Infographic Report Video

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When you’re part of an organisation, a company or a not for profit, you’ll be familiar with annual reports, communicating the key accomplishments and data to stakeholders, sponsors, staff, volunteers and board members. And you’ll also know that the time and energy spent on these documents rarely leads to any impact. Organisations who want this hard work to create some lasting impact are now communicating annual results through an infographic video. When done right, explainer videos help your organisation communicate better. And they engage at a deeper level with your stakeholders. So what do we mean by doing it right? … Read More

iiNet Microsoft Lync: marketing video

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When iiNet and Microsoft partnered to bring their professional videoconferencing, voip and screensharing solution “Lync” to the Australian market, they chose MultiMediaMakers to produce a punchy video animation that introduces the technology. Introducing technology often comes with interesting choices: do we show the interfaces and hardware, knowing that they might change with the next upgrade? Or do we use a more generic visual language, so the video still explains the solution when the interface or device is replaced down the track? MultiMediaMakers worked together closely with the iiNet team to produce a fresh, clear and compelling explainer video to launch … Read More

Pitch Video Mineler

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pitch video production perth

When you pitch to an investor or a business partner, you want to present your project with maximum clarity and weave in the passion you have for this project. That’s why a video is a great tool to communicate with your potential new business partners. At MultiMediaMakers we specialise in making an explainer video stand out, by using a mix of video and animated motion graphics. This infographic style, produced locally here in Perth, offers your business the full power of animation and attractive professional graphics. This example is one of our favourites, because the founders of Mineler had a … Read More